Someone must make this: Donair Salad

Jason was heading off to Burger King to get a salad today.
Why? Because he had a coupon.

Still, a salad? At Burger King? Home of the Whopper?

It suddenly dawned on me ...

Someone in this town needs to introduce a DONAIR SALAD.


Can't you just see it? Or smell it with your mind's nose?

A salad ... a salad with, y'know, lettuce ... but with the usual donair toppings of onions and tomatoes ...

... topped with donair meat ...

... dressed with ... I dunno ... DONAIR SAUCE?

It seems obvious! We have donair subs, donair burgers, donair pizza, perhaps even donair fries. But a google search only turns up a couple of instances of Donair Salad, and I don't think they're even in the Donair Capital, Halifax.

Someone. Please. Make. Me. A. Donair. Salad.

Low in carbs. Crunchy. Meaty.
Add it to your menu, and I'll write you up a recommendation here at And it'll be an especially good recommendation if you give it to me free.


  1. Great idea. I'm thinking though that perhaps the patrons of donair establishments aren't the most health-conscious consumers, and might just balk at the idea of a salad. You should call in the KOD, and go right to the source.

    Maybe if you asked them nicely, they'd make you up one as you outlined, and just charge you for a caesar salad (presuming there's one of THOSE on the menu)??

  2. I've been trying to figure this out too, BUT if it helps I have had a donair salad at the MOST UNEXPECTED place , Hospital Caf. I have to say it was awesome ! So u see I'm trying to find a recipe, the obvious, but the sauce is the trick I think. It was donair sauce but not as it is on a donair. Guess it might be time to experiment !

  3. I'm making it right now, I'll let you know how it turns out.......the house smells awesome!


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