Cuba now, New York later?

We're booked!

We've set up a vacation to Cuba for March. One week in the sun, sand, and endless bacon of the all-you-can eat buffet. Ah, the life of an otter -- laying back in the water with food on my tummy.
I still hope to get to New York City later in the year for another vacation, but Amanda's concerned finances may not allow such a trip.

Fortunately, the amazingly talented folks at Infinite Solutions have served up a guide to enjoying NYC on $100.

I strongly recommend checking out the rest of the Infinite Solutions videos. You'll be surprised how much you learn.


  1. How the hell is firearm Friday allowed in NYC of all places post 911 but I can't bring a pair of TWEEZERS into JFK?

  2. Hey - have a great time in Cuba, and say hi to Fidel for me...S and I really had a hard time coming home from Jamaica, but a trip in the sun in the middle of winter is where it's at!
    NYC is also very very cool and I'l like to go back this year again as well.


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