Monday, December 17, 2007

"Kitten smokes on toilet"

TV karma will burn me harshly for this one day, but for now, I'm chortling.

Last night, on The Simpsons, there was a YouTube reference, a la "PICTURE A DAY FOR 39 YEARS":

(Fox may end up deleting this video at some point.)

At the end of the video, the pretend YouTube offers a link to a video with 63-million hits called "Kitten smokes on toilet".

After I watched the show, I checked YouTube and there was no video called "Kitten smokes on toilet". Of course, I felt obliged to provide one. See below. Note there is no toilet, no smoking, and the kitten is Amanda's Kitty.

Yeah, it's cheap, but someone was going to do it. Why not me?

UPDATE: After drawing 26-hundred hits with the "Kitten smokes on toilet" label -- and 30-some comments from YouTubers pissed off about my sneakery, I've put the video label back to something a little more honest.

1 comment:

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