Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Now the CityPulse news test...

Jason White just blew my mind by telling me the Channel 7 Eyewitness News theme I grew up with -- WKBW in Buffalo -- had words. He didn't sing them.

He posted The Hilltop Singers, "Move Closer To Your World".

There's a whole web site about it. (Or was, when I wrote this.)

But the music doesn't work. So here it is in MP3 (nope). Jason says this TV station tribute page also has it.

If you grew up in Western New York or Southern Ontario, check it out. Maybe you'll be as jaw-droppingly gobsmacked as me. (And if you're a Weinsteinophile, check out the Irv, Rick and Tom page.)

It reminds me that some time ago, I asked the folks over at the Big Yellow Board, SOWNY, if anyone knew the name of the song they used to use on Toronto's CityTV for the CityPulse News Test.

Turns out it's a Warren Zevon song called Nighttime In The Switching Yard. Here's a video at ArtistDirect. Mind blown again.


  1. holy crap!!!!!!

    all of a sudden i was 9 again!
    hells yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  2. Woah! makes me almost want to get up early and watch "Rewind" on CityPulse24... oh, sweet sweet 80s.