Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Goals for 2008

A few things on the to-do list for the year ahead:

  • Tackle weight loss, again

  • Complete two albums -- first, finish "Mind The Gap", then work on some originals

  • Play at least two open-mic gigs in Halifax

  • Advance two more belt levels in taekwondo

  • Keep my RRSP maxed out

  • Increase my net worth. It's not bad now, but will be even better

  • Finally finish quitting smoking and eating cinnamon buns

  • Get a tattoo commemorating the disposal of all my vices

  • Develop my leadership skills
  • Become a more accomplished cook -- and cook at home more
  • Be more assertive about inviting friends to do things
  • Be less codependent -- own my own stuff and get more comfortable letting others take care of theirs
  • On the small-to-do list that's been sitting for ages: digitize all my media (tapes, videotapes, slides, prints, super-8 film), renovate my web sites, get new glasses, steam clean the carpet, take the cat to the vet, etc.

1 comment:

  1. Your goals are very close to mine.
    Glad to see have kid is no where on the list.