Saturday, November 3, 2007

Storm's still coming

I went out in the storm for a reporting stint ... will probably head out again soon for an update.

Checked out the shoreline by the harbour ... lots of wind ... nearly lost my glasses coming back up Duke Street. I felt sort of like John Holliman on CNN standing in a hurricane -- and the storm is still 400km away. Chatted with some students at the Split Crow. They're hell-bent on drinking and partying no matter what the weather. The cover band was doing some Guns 'n Roses -- Sweet Child o' Mine, though November Rain would've been the obvious choice.

I came back thoroughly soaked, despite having worn Amanda's Land's End raincoat.

Forecast is for the peak winds to hit around 6am. We'll see about going out in the morning for more coverage. So much for getting an extra hour of sleep.

1 comment:

  1. loved your pieces. good job. overall I think we did very, very well this evening.

    obviously, I would LOVE if you could do morning stuff, but I'm biased. :)