Friday, September 14, 2007

More Schmaps!

For the third time, the folks at Schmap! have included some of my photography in one of their internet-based tourist guides. This time, they've tackled Calgary, where I ventured last year to help launch a new all-news radio station. We had lunch at a nice place in the Eau Claire Market, and I snapped a picture of our meal, plus Amanda's hand, featuring a ring she'd just acquired at one of the shops. You can see it in context on the Schmap! site. And, as always, here's a box so you can grab your own free Schmap!


Yes, yes, I know. I promised to update the blog, and I haven't. Stuff to be covered when I get around to it include:

  • the summer vacation to Ontario, Quebec and Annapolis Royal (pictures already on flickr)
  • the big Cape Breton wedding of Scott Simpson and Laura Graham, including video of Big Ass Superstar performing at the Celtic Music Interpretive Centre
  • updates on the new album (?)
  • you may have missed my birthday. It was August 12. I'm 34 now.
  • and other whatnot, including why gay men love my flickr page, tales of softball heroics, and how cinammon buns can sabotage six months' worth of weight loss

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