Kitty gets another haircut

This video shows Amanda's talking cat, Kitty, going for a shave in Dartmouth. The raw footage was shot nearly a year ago, but I just got around to cutting it up.

In other news, Amanda's Kitty is sick right now. She has an affinity for eating my cat's weight-loss food, then barfing it up.

Problem is, she's part persian and has a smooshed-up face, and this time I think she puked into her sinuses and irritated herself to the point of infection. We're all pulling through for a quick recovery.

We're also pulling for Scott's Kitty to shut the hell up and quit eating so much weight-loss food that she's puffing up like a frickin' raccoon.


  1. I am in shock and awe at how easy it looked to hold her still while she was being groomed! I'm thinking of how I try to just trim my cats' nails and how much of an ordeal it ends up being!

    Kitty is so much better behaved than Nelson or Winston!

  2. I've always wanted a cat like that. One that actually sings ... no, no, no, noooooooooo
    Why do I have mutes for cats?


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