Facebook: Scott Simpson not found

I'm not on Facebook. Don't know what Facebook is? I'm not linking it for you.

Deal with it.

If y'all need to find me, you have www.bigasssuperstar.com.

I'm not anti-social -- I just don't want another thing in my life that has the potential to keep me locked in front of a computer.

Enjoy your facebooking.

Shout-out to Greg: stay strong, brother. Don't give in to peer pressure. I want at least one person around in the office who's not on that thing.


  1. LOL

    I only use it for the photos.

    But yes, there are those who are HEAVILY addicted.

    I still don't see what the addiction is.

    It's evil for looking up people you hate.

  2. I just wish that someone would have warned me.


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