Thursday, January 4, 2007

My stupidity costs me money

Two stories of Big Ass Stupidity...

Mere weeks ago, I was bored at the end of my shift, and thought ... hey, I once bought a cool laser show projector off eBay. And after a week, I clumsily knocked it off a shelf and broke it. Why not get another one? They were only about $50. It'd be cool, and I want one.

So, I went to ebay, did a search, and found an even cooler one on an auction ending in less than four hours, with a high bid of $50. Perfect. I showed my co-host, and bid, let's say, $52. Immediately outbid. Okay, how about I put in $55 as my max bid. Cool, I was the top bidder.

Then I saw the shipping cost. $42. Forty two AMERICAN dollars, on top of my bid price. Jee-zus. I started hoping that someone would outbid me.

Nobody did. Next morning, I greeted the computer with, "AW, FUCK!" at seeing that I now had to pay $94.50 US for something I really was interested in spending maybe $60 for.

Thing arrived, and yeah, it's pretty cool. Postage actually cost about $17.50, but I can't really be too pissed off at Extreme Lasers, since they posted the shipping "and handling" price in the auction listing, and it was my own impulsivity that led me to forget to check that.

Now I guess I have to buy a fog machine to make best use of my investment.

Next story ...

Tuesday night after work, on a not-too-happy-feeling day, I realized I was almost out of cash, so I stopped at the Esso to use the Royal Bank machine and took out some dough for the next day. Eager to get to my bus, I withdrew $80, got my card and receipt, and hustled home. I checked my wallet late that night and found I only had $10. Oh, crap.

Turns out I left the $80 sitting in the bank machine. I called the Esso -- dude had just come on shift and didn't know anything. Went back the next morning -- crew didn't know anything. Went back 24 hours after the incident and talked to that shift -- they said a lady appeared to take some money from the machine, but nobody could identify her.

So, my "stupidity" has cost me about $180 in the past couple of weeks. Stupidity has cost me a lot more in the past, so I shouldn't be toooo hard on myself. But you can bet I'll be watching my dollars and cents more closely for a while.


  1. In my world we call this manic behaviour!

  2. I didn't mention the other $180 or so I spent at Future Shop's web site on xmas eve, because I don't consider that "stupid" -- just taking advantage of amazing sale prices. I bought a Canon 8400F scanner at a super price of $149. It scans slides and negatives, so I can finally convert those stacks of old slides to a format we can all enjoy without a screen and projector. And I picked up a two-pack of 1GB memory cards for the camera, so I'll never again have to negotiate in a foreign language with a photography shop clerk in an effort to clear some memory space for more vacation photos.

  3. d'oh! I did something similarly stupid, but with a better outcome; I went to the bank machine and deposited $200 cash, but told the machine I was depositing $20. I got credited for the full amount, but still, it was scary!
    my condolences on your recent crazy money adventures...

  4. by the way, ebay has a shipping and handling abuse policy as viewable

    Sounds like it's being abused quite a bit...i reported someone here in the beaches who is charging 13$ US to ship a record to me, in North York!!!

  5. Thanks, jojo!
    I followed the link and reported the item# I bought. The seller is now charging $39US for shipping to Canada instead of the $42US I was charged ... the USPS Global Express Mail fee for sending such a package is $17.15, so I think I got a little bit screwed on the transaction -- even though, again, I should've looked before bidding.