Monday, November 6, 2006

It's snowing!

First flurries of the season.

They are here.

Light flurries, 3 degrees Celsius.

It is snowing.

The weatherman is calling for 2-5 centimetres today.

Last year, it snowed the first time when Amanda and I were out car-shopping. That was December 3.

The picture on the right is not mine. It is also not from today. It is not that snowy here. So far, it is actually a novelty to have snow in the air.

Special greetings to Sandra, who delights in the snow more than anyone I know!


  1. no kidding, she sure does! :)


  2. hooray, snow! may you spend an enjoyable season with your honey, hot chocolate, warm boots and a deep and profound appreciation of snow! (the cold precipitate, not the rapper)