Monday, October 16, 2006

BigAssSuperstar: Un-Weighted: Week Four

I went for a haircut on Friday. That's usually a time when I feel very awkward about my weight. Having that toilet-paper collar pulled around my neck, with the apron snug around the collar, sitting in that chair with my head being tilted forward, I usually feel quite Jabba-the-Hutt-ish with my chins spilling out around my neck and bulging under my jaw. Well, it wasn't quite the same horror show this time. I'm not saying I was bulgeless. I'm just saying I didn't see my reflection and think "oh, dear. I look absolutely enormous."

My joy at that was offset by a feeling of bad karma for not tipping the hairdresser. The bill came to $14.76, and I gave her a $20 bill. I'm used to hairdressers giving me back a coupla toonies and a loonie so I can hand over a tip, but this lady gave me a five. I wasn't sure what to do, so I left without tipping. I felt bad, so I scrounged up $2 out of the change in my pocket and went back in the afternoon to give a tip. Balanced out some of the oogyness of Friday the 13th.

Another week without the gym. Uh-oh. And dinners didn't go all that smoothly -- a lot of tiredness and food-apathy going around lately, so pizza was eaten (and enjoyed thoroughly, however guiltily) on Tuesday and Thursday nights. Sunday included a gorgeous turkey dinner -- Amanda cooked up the bird, mashed potatoes, stuffing and corn. Monday smelled even better, with the carcass being reduced to broth over a period of hours. That led to turkey soup for Wednesday.

Lunches were the usual healthy fare, but with leftover turkey-de-la-bird instead of the sliced stuff in the wraps. A little bit of stuffing made 'em even tastier. The catered-by-contra lunch for the station's birthday party on Wednesday wasn't anything too devastating -- sammiches. Oh, and cake. One slice of cake.

Despite all the tiredness and logeyness, I haven't been sleeping well this week. Change of the seasons, bla bla bla.

The soreness in my legs from all those squats on the weekend went away after three or four days. Walking home from work Tuesday and Wednesday seemed to help. I also did some pushups early in the week -- not very many, yet -- and I was just pleasantly sore through my chest and back.

Start weight: 220 pounds
Last week: 216
This week: 215
Change: -1
Total loss: 5 pounds

This week's task: go to Nubody's and sign up for a year-long gym membership. Also, look further into signing up for martial arts classes somewhere in Halifax.


  1. May I suggest that you double check to make sure that the YMCA isn't a better deal for you? They offer karate (for adults too) at super cheap rates for if you add up the fee for Nubody's plus a martial arts class, then you may have been better off at the Y to start.

  2. Scott? Pay for gym membership? Noo...those radio people get free ones! (No bitterness here - offer not extended to family members of benefitees). ...OK so I'm happy for him, just wished I got one too.

  3. If you can get a haircut for under $20 that doesn't involve a bowl, you SHOULD be leaving a $5 tip!

  4. I like Shannon's idea...the Y is a pretty good place for general fitness stuff (that's where I do the yoga and pilates and aquafit) and they have family rates, too, so between you and Amanda (if she's interested) it'd probably work out to pretty cheap. Good luck to you, where ever you end up going!

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  6. you also may want to check out Fitness F/X on Quinpool.. they have a memebership and a Martial Arts Studio in the facility... its a great place...

  7. jeez, I had a look at your local Y's a way better deal than what I'm getting out here :( it's way cheaper and they seem to have more classes at more reasonable times. dang!