Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Unloaded from X-Weighted

I'm sad to report that less than an hour ago, I got a call from the producers of X-Weighted. Readers will recall that I went through the full audition process for the show -- a casting call with an interview, a callback interview with my local support team, and finally a full evening of shooting in my home with a four-person camera crew.

The producers said they loved me, they thought I was great, and they enjoyed the blog.

But they've decided not to shoot in Halifax. As reported earlier, they'll be shooting in three cities, and it's been decided that the third city will be Kelowna, BC. So, nothing personal -- they're just not going to be doing it here. I get the sense that if they had chosen Halifax, I would've been on.

So, now I'm back to the beginning. A fat guy without a deadline, a plan, a trainer, or the motivation of TV cameras and impending national humiliation. Of course, that doesn't mean I can't do it. In fact, there ought to be a sense of relief that I can finally exercise! Ought to be ... but for now, it's pretty disappointing.

I thanked the producers for the opportunity to try out, and told them that I hope I won't need to see them the next time the show comes looking for fatties. I told them that I may very well take the opportunity to do my own web-based video series called "Un-Weighted". They chuckled, and didn't say "lawyer" or "infringement", so that may be something I could do.

Good luck to the chosen chubsters in Toronto, Calgary and Kelowna. And much love and thanks to the people who've supported me in this quest.


  1. You have always turned a negative around to a positive, so let's show the world the real you. Slimmer and making others life more fun. I'm in this weight loss thing with you but I am supposed to only lose 2lbs a week.

  2. Two pounds per week is about as much as anyone doing a sensible plan ought to be aiming for, as I understand it. If you're going faster than that, you're probably doing something you won't be able to sustain. The first bunch may come off a bit faster, but two per week is safe and sane.

  3. Hey Superstar,
    I have yet to hear anything back but i am now expecting it at any moment. I also plan to shed the pounds no matter what and i would love to still hear about your progress. If I do happen to make the final cut i'll have to send a shoutout to bigass. Either way we will both be successful.

  4. I feel for you.
    I was rootin' for ya. I thought it would have been awesome to see you on national TV. Your day will come.

  5. From Bradford:

    You would have been terrific on the show, there's no doubt about that. There's also no doubt that you will do this anyway. Just look at what you've already accomplished this year.

  6. Too bad, I also figured you'd be a shoe-in had they chosen Halifax; ah well...let's put all this psyching-up to good use, eh? I'm back from vacation, and there's about 7 more pounds of me upon my return than there was on my departure, so I'm also looking at re-establishing my good habits. Good luck to all of us!

  7. I HATE THAT SHOW-ITS SOOO DEPRESSING.I'm watching Angela J.What a screw ball,she thinks shes hot,shes totally superficial.She should at least fix her teeth before worrying about her ass.She could eat an apple through a fence.Lots of big girls have boyfriends,has it ever occured to her that shes doesnt have one because she ugly and the weight has nothing to do with it.Angela is the worst one yet.Big gums,horse teeth and no hips,well aint that just beeeuteefull.NOT...I am so sick of these shows .Accept yourself damnit.

  8. Ok, I disagree with anonymous there. I think she was pretty, but is just another victim of our society. One thing that really bothered me was how much pressure her one friend put on her, to give up and drink like they always do. I thought she looked good to start and hot in the end, but I really hope she doesn't get caught up in the "I'm still not skinny enough". The only other thing is now I'd like to know more about her and how all things are going for her, and if she really got out of this that she wanted!