Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Hosers to do comeback special

Mander points out a Sun article revealing the return of the Mackenzie Brothers:

The one-hour show is tentatively scheduled for May of 2007. It will mark the 24th anniversary of their hoser flick Strange Brew, which still boasts a cult following.

Beauty! I think I've only met a coupla people in my lifetime who, like me, had the soundtrack for Strange Brew. (A film inducted into the CBC's Alternative Canadian Walk of Fame.) In fact, I'd listened to the soundtrack a few hundred times before ever seeing the movie. I don't recall the movie being very good. It was a ripoff/homage to Hamlet. The album "Great White North" was my first introduction to Geddy Lee of Rush. I have a framed copy of that record. It hangs proudly nowhere in the apartment.

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