Saturday, August 12, 2006

Done with 32. On to 33.

So, here's my birthday. It's been a helluva year. I did a Google search about turning 33, and the results showed a lot of people feeling pretty crappy about this particular birthday. Some call it their "Jesus year", since Jesus was believed to have been crucified at age 33. I also have my Vinyl Birthday ahead (33 1/3). Last year's birthday was somewhat of a downer, and my enthusiasm for birthday whoopdedoo has waned somewhat since the climactic peak of age 30, when I was overwhelmed to find that my friends and acquaintances had gathered for a surprise party in my honor. That was fabulous and special.

Anyway, 32 has been a busy one. Much of it has been written up here in Big Ass black 'n white. It's probably not best to dwell on the negative -- just learn from it and move boldly forward.

So, giving a skew to the positive, here's some of what I'll mark as progress in my 32nd year on this planet:

Wow. Not bad for one year.

Of course, I couldn't have done all that on my own, nor would I have wanted to.

Anyone who's known me for very long knows that virtually none of this fun, cool, life-expanding stuff would've happened without Amanda in my life. She drives me to be a better Scott, and on top of that, drives me. Literally, in her awesome car. Her contribution to my health, happiness and well-being is worth noting in bold flashing type, which I must point out, is entirely against proper web style in this day and age. Just understand that I love her, typography aside.

Thanks to my family for their generous support and love. I thank my good friends for their wise counsel and inspiration, standing by me through the difficult times and for cheering me on through the good times.

Sorry I haven't seen more of you in the past year. We're half a country apart now, but you're always close. Any success I have, you all get credit. I love you all.

Now, for 33. It's hard to imagine that this year could be as action-packed as the past one, but I already have a few things on the agenda.

The next month and and a bit will show whether I made it all the way through the interview/audition process for X-Weighted. That'll either kick off an intense weight-loss and fitness campaign for six straight months, or I'll be doing it the old-fashioned way. The first big ratings for the radio station begin in September. We're hoping family will be visiting in the fall. My sister is due to give birth in early January. Amanda's cousin is getting married in Ontario in late January, so that looks like a trip. I wanna get back to playing guitar and recording -- maybe some lessons? Maybe I'll take up a sport. We have more travelling and exploring to do, both in the Maritimes and elsewhere -- New York City perhaps? And depending on how things go with Amanda, my work, her work, and so on ... ya never know. There are a lot of home-buying, renovating, wedding and baby-makin' shows on television. And you know how my generation is influenced by the teevy! :)


  1. Happy Birthday, Scott!
    Wow, that was some recap.
    I appreciate the link.
    I should maybe read through your entire blog from start to finish and tie in some of your ramblin's into mine.
    Here's my take on the thirties.
    I got all down about this because it means I am no longer near the years that shaped me into who I am in. That I never took advantage of what my twenties offered and when you hit your thirties you feel like time that you had so much of is no longer. At least, this is how I feel. I miss being a kid, plain and simple. And as I get older, I miss it even more.

  2. Hey Scott - happy 33rd!
    I hope you enjoyed the day and were able to get rid of your aphids! S told me about it and so you should try the ladybug solution. Sounds like a sesame st. song :)
    Anyway, hope you get out to TO soon and come for some Swiss Chikkens again.
    Jojo Krako

  3. Scott
    Can you change the link please?
    that way people are reading what you are referencing to or just link to the main page
    I'd appreciate it.

  4. happy 33rd. i'll be sure to send along a 331/3 wish as well.