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Don't go changin': X-Weighted casting update

A crew from Life Network's X-Weighted came by on Monday night for the last stage of the casting process. A director, cameradude, sounddude and grip/continuity dude piled into the apartment along with my work sidekick Erica and morning talkmeister Andrew. It took three hours, taking me well past my bedtime, which I'm sure helped ruin my body even further, considering I'm in the middle of a two-week stretch of 3:25am wakeups for the morning show. (Friends and family -- if I've been out of comm lately, that's why.)

Anyhow, they shot me solo for about 45 minutes. I bared my soul and my moobs for the camera. Then Amanda and I stood at the kitchen table and gave the folks a tour of foods which will be a challenge for me during a six-month fitness journey. We called the rest of the local support team back from the bar for a sit-down on the couch in front of the camera. And what a camera! Looks like they're shooting this season with a 16:9 24p jobby that'll give a high-definition film look to the show. Class-ay!

The folks from X-Weighted were very kind, and the interview went very well, in spite of all the sweating. The final cut, from 30 contenders in four cities, to 13 finalists in three cities, will be made in the first week of September. I've been told not to lose any weight or make other significant changes to my appearance 'til then, for the sake of continuity.

It's my understanding that two of the cities have been selected, and the options for the third are down to Halifax vs. Kelowna BC. (Another contender in Kelowna has a blog.)

They've already shot several seasons of Taking It Off and X-Weighted in Halifax, so there's a reason for the producers to go somewhere else. But self-esteem expert Fred is based here. So is the production team that's turned out great TV in past seasons. A source tells me the company was searching for another "expert" through a professional organization in Nova Scotia. And, of course, Big Ass Superstar is here. Hopefully those things will lead to yours truly being given the thumbs-up for the show. 'Til then, I've been told to keep on keepin' on.


  1. Could you send me a piece of the pie on the left side? Hey, doesn't hurt to ask.

  2. Hey superstar glad to hear it went well on monday. I wasnt aware that kelowna and halifax are still in competition with each other. That sucks i was hoping to have a blog buddy if i made it. They said they had 9 interviews in kelowna so i figured the other 21 came from only 2 cities. Heres to hoping they change it up and add both of our towns. Good luck

  3. Good luck in getting on the show. I was going to go to the Toronto auditions but I doubt they would have picked me as I live in Hamilton.

  4. have fun with the show. i was on it last year.. it was quite the experience

  5. Much love and luck to you. My show just aired for season 2 last week. Its quite the experience!




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