Weed to kiddies: bad; Grass to kitties: good

After my cat got addicted to drinking water from the bathtub faucet at my old apartment, I did some research and bought a Drinkwell Cat Fountain from PetSmart. It didn't totally kill her tub-thumping habit, but she liked it just fine.

Well, now the folks who invented the Drinkwell have a new addition. Michael reports that Strange New Products reports that the fountain now comes with an "Aqua Garden" for cats: "It grows a blend of wheat, oats, barley and rye that cats supposedly love to eat. The grass is said to relieve indigestion, control hairballs and protects your houseplants from Fluffy's desire to graze."

My Drinkwell has been left in the closet since the move -- I need new filters for it. Maybe they sell these little growy things separately. Perhaps it'll curb the appearance of cat-puke gobs on the carpet. See, we're not sure who's doing the barfing. My cat (Kitty) has been eating the high-fat, delicious prescription food of Amanda's cat (Kitty). In turn, Kitty has also been eating Kitty's bland weight-loss prescription cat food. So we can't be sure if my cat is enturbulating and regurgitating her own food, or if her cat is eating my cat's food and returning it, half-digested, to the floor in another room. Anyway, if chomping on cat-grass will help, yippee.


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