What, me worry?

Stats Can released a report yesterday indicating that my new home has more violent crime per capita than any other metropolitan centre in Canada. CBC reports:

Statistics Canada surveyed 24,000 people in 2004 to find out if they had been victims of robbery, sexual or physical assault, breaking and entering, and other offences within a 12-month period. The data, released Thursday, shows residents of Nova Scotia reported the second highest rate of victimization, at 157 incidents per 1,000 population. Only Alberta was higher, at a rate of 160.

Just a note to tell the folks back home not to freak out. It feels safer here, even if the numbers argue otherwise. There's plenty of domestic violence, and drug- and drunk-related violence, but not a huge amount of stranger-on-stranger violence. And they haven't reached the point of settling beefs with gunfire in public places yet, so I feel fairly secure walking around. If 50 Cent feels safe coming here (playing the Metro Centre, across the street, December 14), how bad can it be?

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