Tuesday, November 1, 2005

Treats 'n tricks

I'm having even more fun doing the news now that the powers-that-be have generously upgraded the microphone on my side of the booth. We've gone from having an Apex 185 (sold in pairs, a helluva bargain) to a brand new Electrovoice RE27 (which costs about ten times as much). No more popping, no more "I can hear the air conditioner behind me" ambience, no more having to hang back so I don't distort. I can get up close and intimate with this big beast of a microphone and sound as sweet and thick and rich as a melted Dairy Milk bar. I'm diggin' it.

Another random Halifax observation: gas prices. They don't fly up and down all over the place from hour to hour. The Esso at the corner of Young and Robie sat at 98.9ΓΈ/litre for nearly a week before dropping today to 96.9. I don't know whether that's a good price or a bad one, but bad stable is somehow more comforting than good unstable.

Taking the bus costs $2 cash, or $32 for 20 tickets, or $60 for a Metropass. Sure, I miss the subway, and the Halifax transit map is a bit of a brain-scratcher, but that's not a bad deal.

How was your Halloween? Better than this, reported by Broadcast News?

RCMP are checking complaints that small bags of feces were handed out to young Halloween trick-or-treaters in a Calgary-area community last night. Mounties in Strathmore received three reports of feces being given to kids -- some under the age of five.

Almost as bad as this bit from Texas yesterday:

The American Tract Society's Donna Skell suggests Christians should wrap candy bars in gospel tracts that grab children's attention with cartoons and games. Skell says it's a way to help combat -- quote -- ``all this evil that is around this holiday and use it for good to help others find God.''

Now go out to Shoppers and get some half-priced chocolate!


  1. Panda was pointing out that the cost of living in Halifax isn't as low as a Torontonian might think.

    ...and $2 for the bus suggests that certainly is the case.

    Hey, Mr. Debunker: you missed a great opportunity for your blog on All Hallow's Eve: the ol' razorblade in candy myth.

    In the meantime, nice microphone.

  2. No, we haven't found the cost of living to be much less at all. Our apartment is "expensive", but comparably cheaper considering that we are now sharing and living in a beautiful 2 bdrm "downtown" (I suppose it would be twice the price in Toronto). Gas is more expensive but doesn't change by the second as it seems to in southern Ontario. It's been stable at about 94 cents for the past week. Groceries are more expensive - 4L of milk is $6.50; meat and sundries are generally a little more as well. They do have a wonderful selection of apple varieties though, I suppose from the Annapolis Valley: kinds I've never heard of before and yummy. Combo #1 at Wendy's is 60cents more here. One thing I have found though: while gas is more expensive, it doesn't get used! I have filled my tank ONCE since I moved here, and I drive alot for work. I can drive right out of town to see a client and back again and I've only driven 8 kms.