Politics and "Religion" meet

The Ottawa Citizen reports a Liberal MP from the Toronto area appears in a recruitment video for the Scientology organization:
Mr. Lee says he hasn't got involved in the church's attempts to win
charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency as a religious
organization, but he says he would probably help out if asked.
"They're not whiners. They just go out and do it. At some point, I anticipate they'll
be successful."

Unknown if he's aware of the organization's criminal history in Canada.


  1. Any big Scientologisty activity in your new community?

  2. I haven't heard of any. They have a mission here. There are varying levels of presence ... a Class V Org (full-ass Scientology Organization) is what they have in Toronto. They offer auditing up to a certain level, have a sauna for the Purification Rundown, and have some kind of Sea Org presence, I think. Halifax has a Mission, which is like an entry-level franchise as I understand it. They don't offer as high-level auditing and training as the regular orgs. The peeps in Toronto told me the missionholder (franchisee) here was trained in Toronto. I haven't seen the outfit yet.


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