Monday, October 3, 2005


Finally got a phone hooked up. It took a coupla days of trying to convince the folks at Aliant (somehow related to Bell, I'm told) that I didn't consider my land-line installation complete until I could pick up my phone and get a dial tone. They were standing by the fact that their remote testing and central office inspection showed everything working fine. Finally a studly-looking phone dude showed up Sunday noonish, hooked up a tester-majig in the jack, went downstairs and actually hooked up the wires between my phone line and the building feed. Yes, there was dial tone going into the building, but my wires weren't plugged in. Jee-zus!

Anyway, Kitty has arrived. The TV has arrived. Amanda's plants have arrived. Shower curtain is finally up, after a trip to the dollar store and two to the Wal-Mart to get the right-sized rings. Things are comin' together.

Before the TV, I was listening to a lot of Kool-96, the classic hits FM station, on my little Grundig travel radio. Most of the songs were palatable. I heard a few repeats during my listening stint: The Kid Is Hot Tonight by Loverboy, Hand Me Down World by the Guess Who, and Stuck in Lodi by ... gosh, I dunno, maybe CCR.

Ate another donair yesterday when my dad drove in from T.O. with the cat, TV and plants. Entirely unsure whether that has anything to do with my daily diarrhea attacks, since they were already a regular feature.


  1. Please do not share your bodily functions with us.

  2. Once you get to know The Big Ass Superstar, you'll come to accept that bodily functions are often a key component to his conversation. "Accept," keep in mind, is very different from "enjoy."

    If he owned a car, he'd have a bumper sticker that reads, "Ask me about my flatulence."

    "Hi, how are you?"

    "A little peptic."

  3. Oh, and I get the NO CARRIER reference. Good one.

  4. um, I just found out we're not supposed to call the big smoke T.O. anymore. Now it's going by T-dot. Or T. tee dot? Looks like you got out in the nick of time.

  5. Scott's very comfortable with his diarrhea. He'll tell anyone about it just as easily as saying hello.

  6. hmmm...bodily functions, huh? Now THAT's something i can go on at length about :)
    "Deep and Powerful", to quote BA, is my middle name!

  7. Everybody poops! Just some people tend towards the liquid state rather than the solid.