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Radio hack recognized

Wow, I made it to the Big Yellow Board. I leave the market and I finally get a note in the sandbox.

Marc Weisblott, who once, I think, called me the "Glen Cochrane of the Gen-X set" (which I gleefully passed on to Mr. Cochrane when I accidentally MOS'd him on Queen East earlier this year while doing a goofy story about people who leave their xmas lights up too long... I thought, "Wow, this guy has some nose! Only Glen Cochrane had a nose like that."), noted that...well...that this blog exists, saying "another radio hack (and old-school zinester) refines his web presence to remind us what we're missing ..."

Yeah, zines. Wow. The zine world came back to the surface of my memory recently when Ninjalicious, aka Milky Puppy, aka Jeff Chapman, founder of YIP, Infiltration, and the modern Urban Exploration movement, died. Jeff was one of the most entertaining writers I'd ever met. A brilliant guy. And he kicked ass on Pyroto Mountain. In packing up my apartment in recent weeks, I threw out a big box of old zines, including a stack of Corpus, the first zine I ever read. Saved the early issues of Infiltration, though. Also saved a few copies of each of the issues of Cygnals and Your Own Worst Enemy, the zines I put out back in the 90s. My hope is to to scan them to PDF files and put them up in their excruciating entirety on the infernet. Yeah, sure. Just like I hope to archive these boxes of VHS tapes to DVD.

Anyway, thanks for the mention up on the yellow board.

And thanks to Mr. Hainsworth for building me a slick knock-off so I can chronicle my eastward migration. Shame that I'm going to be living on an air mattress in an apartment without a computer for the first few weeks!


  1. Yes, Marc Wise-ass.

    I love guys who don't know a thing about the business throwing around terms like "hack."

    Marc couldn't *hack* it in this business. If he could, he'd be in it.

    ...ironic, too, that your parting shot comes the same day Frank Magazine reportedly resurfaces online (I say so since the website doesn't work).

    Maybe Marc could get himself a gig working the website.

  2. Did I really link this site because I didn't like it? Sorry for the gesture--next time I'll run the wording by you.

    And next time I have the misfortune of seeing you recite drivel about an industry off a telepromter I'll be sure to dissect your knowledge of said topic. Plus, make sure to throw in some ludicrous assertions while I'm at it.


  3. Hey Scott!

    Sorry you will not be returning to Outrageous. Glad you're starting to get "into Halifax" - beautiful place.

    There are some not bad music venues down there and at least one open mic, or used to be. Take the ole geetar and get involved.

    Email me direct if you want copies of all the shots I took of you at Outrageous.

    It's great you've got this up and running and are keeping a diary of sorts. Come on back and play in the 680 sandbox once in a while.

    Meantime, have fun and try not to have any more accidents....;-))


    LP (aka Weezy)

  4. Hainsworth, you goofball: for crying out loud, Romenesko's site uses the fucking term repeatedly as a synonym for journalist. But who am I to argue with a Giant of Journalism like you?

    This coming from the same guy who uses his blog to show what expensive toys he has purchased, wants to purchase, or won't purchase, and important rec room updates on his flickr album.

    By the way, Scott - congrats on the new job. Continued success in Halifax.

  5. you also made it to your new local BIG GREY BOARD!!!

    welcome to the maritimes......make sure you have a thick skin.

  6. A guy who talks about the friggin' STOCK MARKET on television suggesting that someone who isn't employed in an industry (whether they want to be or not) has no place to comment on it is pretty rich. And what does knowledge have anything to do with that? Maybe all of us having the same ideas and same tastes would put an end to the turmoil in the world. I'll keep reading for the lessons I need to learn.

    Keep on enjoying your delusions, Mikey. It's gotten you this far ...

  7. "guys who don't know a thing about the business"

    Ohhhh, the "business". You're not a record exec., mic-jockey!

    I often wondered what I'd do in a room full of pretentious radio "jounalists".

    Now I know.....Lock and load.



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